Who are QuoScript?

For Authors

Every author wants to be published. Every author wants readers. Almost every author has struggled at some point to put work “out there”. Even established authors, despite their clout, sometimes can’t find a publisher for an unusual, challenging or quirky novel.

Publishing options are more varied now than they have ever been but making the right choice can be hard. Should you go down the agent / traditional publisher route? Choose a subscription publisher? Explore the options of self-publishing?

We know that authors are most likely to succeed by selecting different publishing methods at each stage of their careers.

At QuoScript we are dedicated to publishing great reads in crime, young adult and general fiction. Our Tusk imprint brings together new writing talent with new design talent to publish books our young adult readers will want to read from cover to cover. Our crime fiction list is expertly commissioned by our in-house Editorial and Creative Director who has a deep knowledge of crime fiction from both the perspective of a writer and a publisher.

For Publishers – Distribute with us

We are a small independent press and we know how hard it is for other small publishers to negotiate good book distribution deals with the major providers to sell your books globally. We have been very fortunate to establish our strong digital print distribution and e-distribution service with suppliers very early on.  We would like to offer other small presses and publisher start-ups with the same opportunities for route to market for their books.

Global Print Distribution

QuoScript provides global print distribution services through the major online and bricks and mortar retailers for other small independent publishers. Our service has been developed using third-party reputable digital print and distribution service providers.  Distributed publishers provide print files and metadata to us in formats which we specify. Our print and distribution service allows smaller publishers may be struggling with the global distribution of their books to reach new customers and markets. Additionally, by working with us you can free up resource to focus on your authors and publishing programme. There is no requirement to use a warehouse fulfilment partner to hold inventory of your books, which will significantly reduce the cost of making your titles available to the market.   

Digital Marketing Services

For publishers using our distribution services we also offer Digital Marketing Services. We don’t have a ‘one-size fits all’ marketing approach.  We prefer to work with you to develop an individual marketing plan based on your brand, authors’ needs and budget. We do not offer digital marketing services for publishers we do not print-distribute for.

E-Book Distribution

QuoScript works with a reputable third party for e-book distribution service that caters for both our own titles and those of the small publishers we distribute for.

If you would like to discuss how we can work with you to expand your book supply network, please contact: Charlie at books@quoscript.co.uk

Meet the Team

Charlie Harris

Marketing and Operations Director

Charlie has worked in publishing for 25 years, in both the trade and academic sectors. She has held senior roles in both marketing and operations. She has an encyclopaedic number of contacts in the publishing supply chain and is intimately acquainted with how it works. Publishing is her passion; for some years, spurred on by her daughter, she has been fascinated by writing for Young Adults. She’s a long-standing fan of crime fiction.

James Ember

Editorial Office

James Ember is an experienced editor of fiction and non-fiction, the latter principally for higher education. He is a proponent of clear English and is meticulous in supporting writers to achieve that. He has also been responsible for magazine production and promotional material. Privately, he enjoys writing verse in a range of modes and forms and reading widely from classical and contemporary fiction to plays, natural history and specialist factual material.

Linda Bennett

Editorial and Creative Director

Linda’s background is in bookselling, library supply and market research. She specialises in small press publishing and has extensive editorial experience. Several of her authors have won literary prizes. She is herself the author of a well-known crime fiction series, published under a pseudonym. She is well-connected in the bookselling, public library and festival communities. Good writing is her passion, in whatever form it takes.