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    Grandmothers’ houses: a rich treasure trove for the author

    I’m delighted that QuoScript is now my publisher. Seven of the DI Yates psychological crime series are now available from QuoScript as both paperbacks and e-books. QuoScript will be the original publisher of the latest in the series, De Vries, this spring; and Almost Love, the second Yates novel, will appear in the autumn, a little after the others because I want to rewrite parts of it.

  • Writing Competitions

    QuoScript NaNoWrimo competition: some feedback from us

    Our first QuoScript NaNoWriMo competition has now closed.  Charlie and I have been busily – and very happily -working through the submissions and plan to make some announcements shortly.  In the meantime, we thought those of you who entered and indeed anyone who’s interested in writing or might consider entering future QuoScript competitions – there will be others! – might like some feedback from us.

    It’s important to say at the outset that first impressions of an author’s work are important. All the points that we make below follow on from this.

  • About QuoScript

    Vale 2020 et Ave 2021

    As the extraordinary year that 2020 very rapidly became draws to a close, at QuoScript we have much to be thankful for. Working from home and the various lockdowns and restrictions have enabled us to make more progress than perhaps we would have in more “normal” times. 

    We’d been planning QuoScript for many years before we began in earnest this year – not in any concrete way, perhaps, but with plenty of brainstorming and pooling of our considerable joint experiences to help us decide exactly what it was we wanted to achieve by setting up a new publishing house – and what we definitely did not want to do! 

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    Mickey J. Corrigan signs to QuoScript

    This weekend has been dominated throughout the world by news of the American election.  I won’t comment on the result – QuoScript strictly does not take sides politically! – but it seems particularly appropriate that we are delighted to be able to announce that we have just signed our first American author, Mickey Corrigan, who lives in Florida.

  • General Writing

    Being / becoming a writer; and creating a blog

    Becoming a writer - QuoScript

    Most of the posts on this blog so far have been about building your craft as a writer.  There will be more of these to come shortly – if you’d like them – but first I feel it is time to get yourself into the mindset of being a writer, or, if you’re just starting out, of becoming one.

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    Characters in search of a plot… and vice versa

    “Genius is formed in quiet, character in the stream of human life.”

    So proclaims Goethe in his play Torquato Tasso. Tasso was a tortured Italian poet who lived in the sixteenth century and influenced and inspired many subsequent writers and artists, including Spenser, Milton, van Dyck and Byron. He was a man so busy polishing his genius he failed to engage with “the stream of human life”. He was celebrated for centuries for his artistic melancholy (aka rudeness); more recently, it has been suggested he was bipolar.

  • General Writing

    The Plot

    Interestingly, the word ‘plot’ often has pejorative undertones.  If you ‘plot’ to do something, you may be branded as a schemer, a devious person, ‘subtle’ in the sense that the devil is said to be subtle, sneaking up on the unsuspecting.

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    Writing: getting started

    QuoScript writing advice

    So far, the posts on this blog have been about reading and writing and their interconnectedness. Future posts will continue to celebrate the relationship between the two, but, whether you are a writer, have always wanted to be one or only just decided to have a go, you probably think it’s time we began talking about the stuff of writing itself; in particular, how to get started.