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Champagne & Self Loathing by Suzanne Selvester


Busy going from one social event to another, one holiday to the next, designer store to designer store, the girl from working class Dublin was too busy to worry about silly little things like love, you can’t wear love like you can wear Gucci.

Life was outwardly amazing, she had everything she set out to get, with champagne lubricating the way. Now… if only that nonsensical notion that something important was missing from her life would feck off. Instead it shoves it’s way to the forefront of her mind as she realises something is missing. Overcome with panic, anxiety and fear, her marriage falls apart and her life illusion comes crashing down around her, leaving her devastated and broken. Eventually embarking on a journey to find herself, she is shocked to discover she not only forgot about love, but she completely overlooked the most important love of all…Self love

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Born in Dublin in 1972. Suzanne moved to London when she was 20 and has lived there ever since. In her early 20s she married an Englishman and had three sons with him. After 12 years, her marriage came to an end and her journey of self realisation began. Very soon into her journey, she realised she had a voice that people listened to and became a motivational speaker and a motivational writer. She started writing Champagne and Self-Loathing when her marriage ended and finally finished it ten years later. She currently lives in Essex with her three sons.

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