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Chasing Hares by Christina James


Gordon Bemrose, a shady businessman, is master of Holyrood, a house on an island in the River Welland. He is always dreaming up ways of making a fast buck without expending too much cash or effort. His latest scheme involves using Holyrood to host country house murder weekends. He advertises an introductory price for the first event and gets bookings from ten ‘guests’, totally unconnected with each other. Bemrose’s niece and nephew are reluctantly roped in to help. The nephew, Anton Greenweal, is an aspiring actor who has achieved easy fame on a reality TV show. He is helping Gordon to put on a short play as part of the festivities. The play is based on a popular farce, to which Gordon has added a twisted and macabre ending. However, fate proves more grisly even than the power of Gordon’s imagination.

Chasing Hares is a modern take on the traditional country house crime mystery.

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