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Fair of Face by Christina James


Tristram Arkwright, a convicted multiple murderer languishing in Wakefield Jail, will stop at nothing to get his life sentence overturned. When Jennifer Dove, a former city trader turned bookseller, befriends him, he seizes on ways of exploiting this opportunity. Grace Winter is an exceptionally beautiful and intelligent but strange child. She is staying with her friend Chloe when Tina Brackenbury, her foster-mother, and Tina’s infant daughter are brutally murdered. Grace returns home shortly after the police have arrived and reacts to the news of her stepfamily’s deaths with curious emotional detachment. Chloe, by contrast, becomes hysterical. As the police investigation progresses, DI Yates and DS Juliet Armstrong discover that a few years previously Grace was witness to an even more horrific crime and is now living under an assumed name for her own protection. Is there more she is hiding?

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