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Physics of Grief by Mickey J Corrigan


This title released on 22nd April 2021

Seymour Allan, resident of Florida, loses his girlfriend in unedifying circumstances. Short of cash, deeply depressed and drinking too much, he buries himself in a retirement community, a feral cat his chief companion. On one of his periodic forays to a local café he is accosted by the mysterious Raymond C. Dasher, who offers him a job. Seymour’s life changes this instant as he embarks on a new career: that of professional griever. Seymour is now paid to pay respects at the wakes and funerals of some very unpopular people. He cares for a dying criminal who tries to murder him; he attends unorthodox burials that may or may not be legal; he helps to celebrate the deceased in strange and macabre ways. In the Floridan Everglades he encounters trigger-happy gangsters and an alligator in attack mode and meets Yvonne, a sexy redhead mourning her mobster boyfriend.

Raymond C. Dasher puts in sporadic appearances, as elusive as the feral cat. Although Seymour is often irked by his boss, Dasher has shown him there is nothing like sex and danger, guns and gators – and the threat of death itself – to make a man remember how good it feels to be alive.

The Physics of Grief is a unique crime novel: quirky yet with universal appeal, profoundly serious yet engagingly humorous, it wears its wisdom lightly and spiced with frivolity.


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