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Pick Up Man: The Legend of Black Dragon by Victor Walker (Russian edition)


Aged 13+ years

Do you believe in dragons? Regardless of if you believe in them, if a dragon selects you for a dangerous mission you will have no option but to believe. This is a story of a great dragon who chooses you for a dangerous mission to save the planet from a deadly virus. Accompanying you is a crazy Tibetan monk, a deadly beautiful killer and a nerdy neighbour who are both a help and a hinderance. So here is your mission – disrupt the plans of the most powerful man on earth, save the planet from a virus, and release your girlfriend from the clutches of bandits. Do you accept or not? maybe you don’t have a choice…

This is a story of how friends with a common dream can come together to change their lives for the better.

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Victor Walker is a contemporary Ukrainian author. He was born in Kyiv, and is educated in practicing law. Victor is a writer, composer, producer, and CEO of Publishing Company SPACE ONE.

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