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Sausage Hall & De Vries Signed Copies Book Bundle by Christina James

£21.98 £17.99

Signed author copies book bundle.

Sausage Hall

The local nickname for Laurieston House is ‘Sausage Hall’. It’s a house of ancient secrets, now the home of Kevan de Vries, the tycoon grandson of a Dutch immigrant farmer. He owns another house, also called Laurieston, in St Lucia. Joanna, his wife, is terminally ill and he has accompanied her to St Lucia to spend the last months of her life there, leaving the running of his business empire to Tony Sentance, his egregious but outwardly efficient FD. De Vries’ plans go awry when the police contact him to say that ‘Sausage Hall’ has been broken into and he must return to the UK immediately: counterfeit passports have been found in the cellar. Shortly afterwards, the body of a female employee of De Vries Industries is found in the woods. More gruesome discoveries follow.

De Vries

Widower Kevan de Vries returns to ‘Sausage Hall’, his house in Sutterton, after seven years’ exile in St Lucia. He must remain incognito because police want to question him about the unexplained disappearance of Tony Sentance, former employee and leader of a child trafficking gang that operated from within De Vries Industries. De Vries is obsessed with the identity of his father, never disclosed to him by his mother. He enlists the help of Jackie Briggs, his former housekeeper, and Jean Rook, his solicitor and erstwhile lover, who wants to rekindle their liaison. He reluctantly agrees. Agnes Price, a young primary school teacher, becomes concerned about the welfare of one of her pupils and Leonard Curry, a schools attendance officer sent to investigate, is attacked. Shortly afterwards, Leonard’s niece, Audrey Furby, goes missing.



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