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Symphony of Shattering Glass by Gideon Kerk


Ages 8 to 11 years.

It’s Crimson Eve, when the menacing red moon appears. Twelve-year-old Eulalie ventures into the bewitching moonlight on a daring rescue mission. Soon she discovers that fairy-tale creatures are not the monsters she had been led to believe and true monsters don’t need magic to appear.

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Gideon Kerk was born and raised in Africa, where he spent his young life fluttering between game reserves. He began his writing at an early age; being chased by elephants and swimming in crocodile infested rivers appeared a little less frightening when merged with imaginary adventures.

After studying English literature, his work as a specialist English and Circus Skills teacher took him and his stories to the peaks and valleys of the Swiss Alps and the vast forests and plains of East Africa. Finally setting down roots in England, he now lives in Surrey with his wife and young son. Between creating pages of story books and teaching English, he is hoping to put together the country’s first Unicycle Quidditch league.

Gideon is the author of Symphony of Shattering Glass published in May 2020.


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