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QuoScript accepts submissions for the following genres of writing: Adult Crime Fiction, General Adult Fiction and Young Adult Fiction (age 12+)


Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines.  We reserve the right not to read submissions that do not observe them or do not fall into the above three genres.

We do not publish illustrated books or fiction which includes illustrations.


Form of submission


Initial submissions should be sent by e-mail to Please do not post manuscripts to us or attempt to contact us by post.

Submissions should come direct from you, the author; in our first operational year, we have decided not to deal with agents.


Components of submission


  • A short synopsis of the whole book. This should be no longer than two pages of double-spaced A4. Please see appendix at the end of this document for more information about what a synopsis should contain.
  • Up to 3,000 words of text.  You do not have to send us your first chapter: the text you send can be from any part of the book. You are advised to choose a passage that you feel captures well your ‘voice’ as a writer. Although we assure you of our absolute integrity, for both your own sake and ours you are advised to copyright this text. You may do this by simply putting the copyright symbol – © – in front of your name, at the end of the text.
  • A short covering letter, explaining why you think your book deserves to be published, what makes it stand out from the crowd, the kind of readership you are aiming for etc.
  •  It is important that you indicate the anticipated length of the book when completed.
  • Please also tell us why you have chosen QuoScript.
  • Please include your contact details – which should include your e-mail address, a telephone or mobile number and your country of residence.
  • If you are planning to use a pseudonym, please also supply your real name.
  • Please tell us if you are already a published author; if you are, please supply the title(s) of your book(s) and the name(s) under which it was / they were published, year of publication and the name of the publisher.




  • Except for the covering letter, which can be single-spaced, the documents you send should be double-spaced, using a standard font in 11 point. We recommend Calibri (Body); Times New Roman and Arial are also acceptable.
  • The submissions should be in standard Microsoft Word format – please do not send read-only or PDF documents. 
  • Please use typological features such as italics, bold, etc., as sparingly as possible. Ensure that the pages of the 3,000-word extract are numbered.
  • All submissions should be in the English language. If you are American, we are happy to accept ‘American English’, provided that it is used consistently throughout.
  • Works that have been translated into English are acceptable, though it should be noted we are not ourselves offering translation services.
  • In accordance with the law, we shall reject all submissions that use libellous or obscene language or are clearly derivative.


More information about how QuoScript operates

At QuoScript, we plan to publish up to eight titles in the first year. We expect the books we choose to publish in our first year to be drawn from fiction for young adults and crime fiction, plus at least one mainstream novel. We’ll also consider works of historical fiction;  we are not currently equipped to consider works of romance, science fiction or fantasy, or books for children.  We are not interested in erotica or horror.

Our Editorial team is aiming to read up to twenty submissions each month and will space the publication programme throughout the year.

We do not guarantee to read all the submissions we receive or to give feedback to authors whose submissions we have decided not to take further. We’ll send an initial acknowledgement when we receive your submission. It may take us some time to get back to you after that; please do not keep on contacting us. Please do tell us, however, if your book has been accepted by another publisher after you sent the submission to us.


Successful submissions: next steps

If we like your submission, the next step will be for us to request that you send the full typescript of the work. We won’t accept any books for publication until we have read them in their entirety. If after reading the whole we are interested in publishing your book, we will send a contract and an author form for you to complete. Successful publication will still be subject to our and your joint agreement on any editorial changes we feel need to be made.

Please note that if your book is published by QuoScript, copies will be produced in paperback print and e-book formats only.


Appendix: How to write a synopsis

A good synopsis should consist of the following:


  • a brief outline of the plot.
  • brief sketches of the main characters.
  • the main thrust of the novel – what points are being made; what do you want the reader to be left with at the end? E.g., if the novel is about war, what stance are you as author taking?
  • brief explanation of any features that make the novel stand out – local detail, specific points of interest (e.g., one of the characters may have an unusual occupation) etc.
  • readership. You may choose to illustrate this by listing a few books by authors you think your work resembles – but we’ll want to know how it is also different from theirs!

N.B. A synopsis is not a chapter-by-chapter walk-through of what happens throughout the book.


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