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Hope & Plum Publishing

Hope & Plum Publishing is a UK based indie publisher of both adult and childrens books. Their titles are available to order from all good bookshops.

Adult Books

Lola Steele by Stacey Haber £10.99
Lola Steele wakes with the dawn, entombed in a small car in another woman’s clothes. As the fog abates, physically and metaphorically, the fear and pain return. Lola is on the run, accused of murdering the men she loved and orchestrating an organised crime ring within the music industry.

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Meet Stacey
Shakespeare’s Ripper by Naomi Asher £15.65
Dr Arden James has just written the book definitively unmasking Jack The Ripper. Within weeks someone is using her book to recreate those murders. It’s a race against villainy to stop further butchery using the clues in William Shakespeare’s plays and London’s secret streets and societies.

Meet Naomi
EuroMission Impossible by Jim Cozens £9.99
Jules Charlie’s unquestioning belief in his pop star potential was never dented by the eternally silent response from record companies. His campaign of demo-bombing every record company in the Music Week Directory failed miserably…until it didn’t…

Meet Jim
The Metaphysical Mind by Bo Sebastian £9.99
The Metaphysical Mind is the most powerful tool in your own self-improvement. Your Story is an amalgam of all that you believe and feel about yourself—right now. This same story presents itself in every daily decision, in what you desire to become and in whom you presently attract to your life. The good news is: You are the writer and director of Your Life’s Story

Meet Bo
Gourmet Geezers £19.99
Gourmet Geezers are the Men’s Cooking Group of the Haslemere U3A. A fun loving bunch of guys, who don’t take themselves too seriously, except when it comes to cooking… This cookbook is a compilation of some recipes they have jointly prepared and loved. The icing on their cake is that every penny of their profits from the sale of this book will go to their local dementia care centre charity.

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Meet the Geezers
Memento Mori by Katherine Mills £9.99
Katherine Mills was finishing a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing when she started to get unwell. Diagnosed in 2017 at the age of twenty-two with a rare and incurable cancer, she responded to her extreme circumstances by writing poetry. Memento Mori follows her feelings about her journey following diagnosis.

Meet Katherine
Schrodinger’s Depression by Justin Goldstein £5.90
Justin’s poetry chornicles a young man searching for a way to communicate the thoughts he couldn’t speak for the past 15 years. Justin’s articulation of complex thoughts of fear, anxiety and depression speak volumes. Poetry is his expression of the emotion he can’t show.

Meet Justin
A Gelfilte Fish out of Water by Stacey Haber £19.99
A cookbook blurring the differences between New York and London in Jewish cooking. Combining the rich traditions and colourful food of the author’s upbringing in NYC with the weird and wonderful food traditions in England.

Meet Stacey
Hangovers and leftovers by Lecia Rothman £9.99
Whitney has formed the perfect group of young women for her new Washington, D.C. talk show for the digital Millennial: When their participation in the show takes their lives in new directions, secrets are revealed, and friendships and careers are put to the test, will they survive the hangovers and leftovers life has given them?

Meet Lucia

Books for Young Adults

The Story of Piney Gir by Jenny Newman £12.99
Ages 6 to 9 years.
The story of how Piney got her name. It involves floating above the clouds and encountering all sorts of crazy creatures, animals and wize wizardy people to discover her true self. This story is all about the journey.

Meet Piney Gr
Symphony of Shattering Glass by Gideon Kerk £9.99
Ages 8 to 11 years.
It’s Crimson Eve, when the menacing red moon appears. Twelve-year-old Eulalie ventures into the bewitching moonlight on a daring rescue mission. Soon she discovers that fairy-tale creatures are not the monsters she had been led to believe and true monsters don’t need magic to appear.

Meet Gideon
Tredecino and the Medallion Keeper
Aged 9-12 years.
The villagers had started to believe that The Mago was dead or gone, after he lost his Amulet to a great warrior, but I knew better. He was just waiting for the right time to re-emerge; a time when the greatest risk to his life was about to explode onto this Earth.

Meet Elisa

Books for Young Children

Green recipes from the Rainbow Kitchen by Stacey Haber £5.99
A cookbook for 3-6 year olds.
Farmer Fiona and family create lovely green dishes to eat in their cheery red kitchen.  

Meet Stacey
The Rainbow Kitchen by Stacey Haber £5.99
The Farmer’s Husband demonstrates his mastery of colour opposites by re-designing his kitchen in colours to best show off the Farmer’s harvests. Includes a colour wheel. It is also a story of love, support and familar and unfamiliar exciting edibles.

Meet Stacey
Red Recipes from the Rainbow Kitchen by Stacey Haber £5.99
Recipes for 3-6 year olds featuring red fruits, vegetables, meat and fish as cooked by the Farmer’s Husband in “The Rainbow Kitchen”.

Meet Stacey
Orange Recipes from Rainbow Kitchen by Stacey Haber £5.99
Recipes for 3-6 year olds. This Autumn’s harvest of orange edibles includes carrots, pumpkins, salmon and squash. Make these lovely finger foods, main meals and delicious desserts with Fiona the Farmer and her family.

Meet Stacey
Yellow Recipes from Rainbow Kitchen by Stacey Haber £9.99
Recipes for 3-6 year olds. A cookbook of the farmer’s recipes for yellow food.

Meet Stacey
A Painter Paints by Stacey Haber £7.99
Paco Jones searches for what he wants to be, and discovers who he already is.

Meet Stacey
Pillow Fight Night by Jack Jacob £9.99

Jack’s best friend is his pillow. Or was until THAT NIGHT. That night, the fight began. Meet Jack and Emma the illustrator

Pillow Fight Night (Espanol) La Lucha de Almohada £9.73

Todos pelean con su mejor amigo una vez, incluso si tu mejor amigo es tu almohada.

Pillow Fight Night (Italian) Ho Fatto A Botte Col Cuscino £7.99

Il miglior amico di Jack è il suo cuscino. O fino a QUELLA NOTTE. Quella notte iniziò la lotta.