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Hope & Plum Publishing Author Profiles

Stacey Huber

Once tagged by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the music industry’s leading experts, Stacey has 30 years’ experience as a music industry executive and lawyer in London and New York. Her legal training began as the protégé of Mark Stephens CBE at Stephens Innocent and her work continued in-house at labels and publishers. She is a member of the New York State Bar Association, The American Bar Association, The National Union of Journalists and The Society of Authors.

Currently the Founder of SHHH Media, Inside Baseball Music Publishing, FoxPin Artist Management and The Music Firm, Stacey continues work in music. She advises multiplatinum superstars to emerging artists. She has previously advised billion pound brands in the use of music in their marketing and advertising and global icons in their contract negotiations as part of the music team of a well known (but no longer existing) City firm. Favorite negotiation at that firm was for a music client’s appearance on The Simpsons. As a co-founder of IAFAR Ltd., Stacey is educating the world on neighbouring rights, the most important untapped revenue stream in today’s music industry.

Stacey co-presents the podcast Two Gone Blondes, the YouTube channel S&M (on her Sex, Food & Rock n Roll channel), and the TV show Girls Talk. Stacey is Author of The Man From Verona, Lola Steele: Sex, Food & Rock n Roll, The Plain & Simple Guide to Music Publishing UK Edition, Sports vs Music – Sponsorship Showdown or Perfect Combination, A Gefilte Fish Out of Water and many children’s illustrated books.

Bo Sebastian

Bo Sebastian is the author of Your New Story, Your New Life: The Metaphysical Mind published in May 2016. Bo is a Consulting Hypnotherapist and vegan chef to dignitaries. He combines spirituality and psychology to help you achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Gideon Kerk

Gideon Kerk was born and raised in Africa, where he spent his young life fluttering between game reserves. He began his writing at an early age; being chased by elephants and swimming in crocodile infested rivers appeared a little less frightening when merged with imaginary adventures.

After studying English literature, his work as a specialist English and Circus Skills teacher took him and his stories to the peaks and valleys of the Swiss Alps and the vast forests and plains of East Africa. Finally setting down roots in England, he now lives in Surrey with his wife and young son. Between creating pages of story books and teaching English, he is hoping to put together the country’s first Unicycle Quidditch league.

Gideon is the author of Symphony of Shattering Glass published in May 2020.

Justin Goldstein

Still only 22 years old, Justin began writing as a young man searching for a way to communicate the thoughts he couldn’t speak. Still taciturn, Justin’s articulation of complex thoughts of fear, anxiety and depression speak volumes. Living in NYC, he sits at the center of cacophony mostly adding to the sounds in the reader’s head rather than contributing to the din outside.

Justin is the author of Schrodinger’s Depression published in April 2020.

Katherine Mills

Katherine Mills was finishing a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing when she started to feel unwell. Diagnosed in 2017 at the age of twenty-two with a rare and incurable cancer, she responded to her extreme circumstances by writing poetry. Memento Mori was published in May 2019 and follows her feelings about her journey following diagnosis.

Jim Cozens

Jim Cozens is a lifetime singer-songwriter and Eurovision survivor. He’s been on the gig circuit for years performing his own material, written songs for other artists, music for radio, television and movie productions. A compulsive blogger, script writer and now published author. Jim is the author of EuroMission Impossible published in March 2019.

Find out more by visiting: www. jimcozensmusic.co.uk or www.youtube.com/user/JimCozens

Naomi Asher

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Naomi has been living and working in London since 1999. She has been writing forever and concentrated on theatre in most of her education receiving a BA in Art History and Theatre from Franklin & Marshall in the US, an MFA in Staging Shakespeare from Exeter and a Post Graduate Degree in EU and UK Copyright Law from Kings College, London. She is also the author of By Page about her year as a Congressional house page in Washington DC and the play Madman William which has received critical acclaim in both the US and UK. She is the co-author of The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing (UK Edition).

Naomi is the author of Shakespeare’s Ripper published in October 2018.

Gourmet Geezers

Gourmet Geezers are the Men’s Cooking Group of the Haslemere U3A. All men of a certain age, with enough time on their hands to pursue an interest in cooking. A fun loving bunch of guys, who don’t take themselves too seriously, except when it comes to cooking. None have ever been a professional cook, but all are serious about their cooking. This cookbook was published in May 2019 and is a compilation of some recipes they have jointly prepared and loved.

All profits from the sale of this book will go to their chosen charity, their local dementia care centre.

Lecia Rothman

Lecia Rothman is a digital marketing strategist by day, and an author by night. With a background in communications and politics from her time living in Washington, DC and a B.A. in English from UCLA, her experiences around the country helped inform her debut novel. Now residing in Miami, FL, Lecia is still a New Jersey girl at heart, where she spent her childhood and cultivated her love of writing.

Lecia is the author of Hangovers and Leftovers published in October 2019.

Emma Hofberg

Emma is a freelance artist and the illustrator of Pillow Fight Night written by Jack Jacob. Emma lives in England and is fond of pillows!

Jack Jacob

Jack Jacob is the author of Pillow Fight Night. This is a true story. The events outlined here happened to Jack when he was nine years old. Since making up with his pillow they have been inseperable. Jack lives in New York City. 

Piney Gr

London-based Piney Gir originally hails from Kansas and has for many years been a prolific and prodigious musician, spanning various genres from electro to alt-country to folktronic to 60’s retro pop to krautrock. She has been a darling of the BBC and UK live circuit for over a decade now.  Meanwhile she’s very keen to share her enthusiasm for music and for books and libraries with this new project “The Story of Piney Gir.

One of the questions she gets asked a lot is ‘how did you get your name?’ “The real answer,” she says, “is that I made it up for myself when I was about 2 years old, nobody knows exactly where it came from… my strange brain, I guess.”  But what sparked from this conversation was a fictional story about how Piney got her name.  It involves floating above the clouds and encountering all sorts of crazy creatures, animals and wize wizardy people to discover her true self, this story is all about the journey.

The end product is an audio book that is kind of like Pippi Longstocking meets Peter and the Wolf, it’s a book, with accompanying music (each character has a Peter and the Wolf style theme), with a Radio 4 style reading of the story, which has come together with help from a collective of people author: Jenny Newman, illustrator: Katrin Geilhausen, layout: Lydia Merrills-Ashcroft, music composed by: Piney and A Scholar & A Physician, narrator: BBC 6 Music’s Mark Radcliffe, and a cast of characters featuring Piney herself with Ali Shaw from Cranes, Louis Phillippe and Leo Chadburn aka Simon Bookish to name a few.

Piney is passionate about stories and storytelling, “Growing up I went to the library every week and discovered a new book each week which fuelled my love of literature and gives me eternal fondness for children’s books.”

Elisa Gianoncelli

Elisa Gianoncelli is an educational consultant and author of many bespoke books and test papers used in her private tutorial school in North London. She lives in London and has one adult son. She was born in Yorkshire to Italian parents and often returns to the Valtellina in the Alps, where she keeps a small property in the mountains. She blogs at www.ElisaGianoncelli.com and is an influencer and YouTuber. She is an affiliated member of the Tutors’ Association and the Society of Authors. Her tutoring website is: www.kidslearnfast.co.uk