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QuoScript Partnerships: Stacey Haber and Hope&Plum

Stacey Haber, who runs the publishing company Hope & Plum, was the first distribution partner to sign with QuoScript. We chose Hope & Plum because we felt the list would be a good fit with ours and because we very much like and admire Stacey and her work. Stacey’s own reasons for joining us turn out to be very similar! Asked why she selected QuoScript, she says: “It’s about the people. Everything I do is about working with people. I want to truly like all the human beings I keep in touch with. My connection with Charlie [one of QuoScript team] is pure joy and brings me happiness.” Stacey adds that she extends this approach to her dealings with authors: she has turned down authors she felt she wouldn’t get on with, even though their writing may have been brilliant.

Stacey originally founded Hope & Plum with a friend, to publish the sorts of books they both liked. The list embraces children’s books (fiction and non-fiction), cookery, self-help and crime fiction for adults. Hope is Stacey’s middle name and her friend’s name was Plum. The friend soon decided that publishing wasn’t for her; but the name Hope & Plum worked so well that Stacey asked if she could continue to use it. The Hope & Plum list currently includes the work of more than twenty authors.

Stacey is herself an accomplished writer. She has just published Lola Steele, the first of a new crime series. (It is subtitled “Sex, Food and Rock n’Roll”. Click to watch the video. The novel is based on a crime that really took place in the music industry. Lola is a former music lawyer who decides to abandon the law to earn her living through catering and photography – “anything, really, that doesn’t involve being a lawyer”. Inadvertently she gets mixed up in a crime, which she then must solve in order to protect herself. The novel is action-packed – it features a multi-vehicle “car chase” worthy of Daniel Craig. Lola Steele has a dual target readership: men aged 18–35 who are “adrenalin junkies” and women, particularly professional women, who can identify with Lola.

Although she says Lola Steele is not an autobiographical novel, Stacey is herself a lawyer who has long specialised in providing support for the music industry. Once tagged by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the music industry’s leading experts, Stacey has 30 years’ experience of working as a music industry executive and lawyer in both London and New York. She is the Founder of SHHH Media, Inside Baseball Music Publishing, FoxPin Artist Management and The Music Firm and continues to work in music. She advises multiplatinum superstars to emerging artists. She has previously acted as consultant to billion-pound brands on the use of music for marketing and advertising purposes. She says that among her favourite memories is having received a Christmas card from David Bowie.

Stacey co-presents the podcast Two Gone Blondes, the YouTube channels S&M and Sex, Food & Rock n Roll, and the TV show Girls Talk.

As well as Lola Steele, Stacey is the author of The Man from Verona; The Plain & Simple Guide to Music Publishing (UK Edition); Sports vs Music – Sponsorship Showdown or Perfect Combination?; A Gefilte Fish out of Water; and many children’s illustrated books.

Stacey has three children, a daughter and two sons, all now in their twenties. Her daughter, Emma, is an accomplished book illustrator. Stacey’s many professional interests don’t leave much time for hobbies, but some time ago she persuaded Emma to join her in taking up karate “to get her out of the house”. Stacey enjoys the combination of mental and physical strength that karate offers and continues to practise it. Tough and tender, Stacey says she can be formidable, but always likes to “finish with a kiss”. At QuoScript, we second that!


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