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    QuoScript NaNoWrimo competition: some feedback from us

    Our first QuoScript NaNoWriMo competition has now closed.  Charlie and I have been busily – and very happily -working through the submissions and plan to make some announcements shortly.  In the meantime, we thought those of you who entered and indeed anyone who’s interested in writing or might consider entering future QuoScript competitions – there will be others! – might like some feedback from us.

    It’s important to say at the outset that first impressions of an author’s work are important. All the points that we make below follow on from this.

  • QuoScript Authors

    Mickey J. Corrigan signs to QuoScript

    This weekend has been dominated throughout the world by news of the American election.  I won’t comment on the result – QuoScript strictly does not take sides politically! – but it seems particularly appropriate that we are delighted to be able to announce that we have just signed our first American author, Mickey Corrigan, who lives in Florida.

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    From my bookshelf

    QuoScript blog post My Library

    Individuals’ book collections are said to offer deep clues to their characters and interests – and doubtless this is broadly true. However, there may be many reasons why certain books have found themselves on someone’s bookshelves, not all of them by personal choice. This is especially true if most of your career, like mine, has been spent working with authors, publishers and booksellers. Some of the volumes that have found their way on to such owners’ shelves inevitably will have been promotional gifts or simply acquired by accident, to be retained through sentimentality or inertia.