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Vale 2020 et Ave 2021

As the extraordinary year that 2020 very rapidly became draws to a close, at QuoScript we have much to be thankful for. Working from home and the various lockdowns and restrictions have enabled us to make more progress than perhaps we would have in more “normal” times.

We’d been planning QuoScript for many years before we began in earnest this year – not in any concrete way, perhaps, but with plenty of brainstorming and pooling of our considerable joint experiences to help us decide exactly what it was we wanted to achieve by setting up a new publishing house – and what we definitely did not want to do!

Things moved rapidly in the second half of this year. From the drawing-board stage we made rapid progress, choosing QuoScript as the overarching name for our new publishing venture and settling on Tusk as the name of the YA imprint and Poisoned Chalice for crime. We set up QuoScript as a limited company; opened a bank account (no mean feat during a Covid summer when it seemed that everyone was trying to start a business account and all the bankers were working remotely); created a robust supply chain immediately operational on both sides of the Atlantic; and, to our great delight, forged partnerships with both Hope and Plum and DoubleA Publishing.

We have been immensely grateful to journalists, broadcasters, publicity agents and others working in the media, all of whom have shown great interest in QuoScript and who in November covered our formal launch very comprehensively; and to the many authors and agents who have been enthusiastic about QuoScript right from the start, following us on social media and getting in touch with us directly to congratulate us and offer to work with us. We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of our many contacts in the publishing, printing and distribution industries who have given freely of their time to advise and help us – we won’t single out anyone in particular but you all know who you are and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support.

The final two months of this year have been the most exciting for QuoScript. We have commissioned our first two novels, both of which have now entered the production process, and we are in negotiations for others – more about this very shortly. The Hope and Plum list and most of the novels in the Christina James backlist are also going through the production process at present, meaning that early in 2021 there will be an exciting selection of books available from QuoScript, Hope&Plum and DoubleA Publishing.

We have launched two writing competitions, a NanoWriMo competition from QuoScript itself and another on behalf of Writers Magazine. Entries received for each are in both the YA and Crime categories. We haven’t judged them formally yet, but sneaky peeks reveal submissions of outstanding quality and we look forward to reading the NanoWriMo entries over the Christmas break. The Writers Magazine competition is still open and accepting submissions.

We know this year has been tough for everyone and we are full of empathy. We have had our own personal setbacks, too, but we’ve been fortunate to be able to immerse ourselves in our work for QuoScript, an ever-present uplift to our spirits. We are humbled by the time, encouragement and faith with which so many people have entrusted us and we promise we will do everything in our power not to disappoint in 2021 as QuoScript enters maturity – or adolescence, at least!

We wish you and all your families, friends and loved ones a very happy and relaxing Christmas and a prosperous and, above all, healthy New Year. We look forward to telling you much more about QuoScript, its books and authors in January, and hope that we shall continue to surprise and delight you!

With love and very best wishes, Linda, Charlie and James

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